Tom Cruise has always been in the limelight, but he has recently climbed his way to the top of the charts during and after his divorce from fellow thespian Katie Holmes.

The “Rock of Ages” star, who is now 50, does not look his age. And while many women reportedly join the “post-divorce weight loss club,” Cruise may be the first man to actually lose weight after a divorce as well.

Cruise reportedly lost 14 pounds from the stress of his divorce, which was finalized on Aug. 21. The actor, who was busy working on his next film when he received the call that he was being served with divorce papers, has allegedly not been eating very well.

“Tom is refusing to slow down and is trying to soldier on,” say sources close to Cruise. “He doesn’t seem to be himself. He hasn’t been working out like he normally does and doesn’t appear to be eating well at all. His clothes just hang off him. His way of dealing with this is to throw himself into his work, but as a result he’s not looking after himself.”

Cruise, who was supposedly shocked when he found out Katie filed for divorce after five years of marriage, had made headlines just a few months before after flaunting his six-pack abs on a photo spread in “W” magazine.

It’s fairly common to see divorced couples either lose or gain a lot of weight after enduring the stress of divorce proceedings. It is important to remain as healthy as possible throughout the case and to contact a divorce lawyer to ensure proceedings run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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