New York, NY- Katie Holmes’ divorce settlement prohibits her from talking about her divorce, but it doesn’t stop Tom Cruise, who opened up about his split with a German television station while promoting his new movie “Oblivion.”

Fifty-year old Cruise told ProSeiben that when Katie filed for divorce he was shocked and completely unaware that his wife of five years wanted a divorce, the Huffington Post reported.

“I did not expect that,” Cruise said. After Katie filed for divorce, Cruise “had an unbelievable amount of time to think about it.”

Katie filed for divorce on June 29th last year while Cruise was filming “Oblivion” and just days before Cruise celebrated his fiftieth birthday.

“To be 50 and to have experiences and to think you have a grip on everything, and then it hits you — this is it, what life can do to you,” he told ProSieben. “Life is a tragicomedy. You need to have a sense of humor.”

Cruise however was short of the details about his divorce, especially why Katie filed in the first place. Given Cruise’s star-power and wealth, many speculated at the time Holmes would be locked into contentious custody battle over their six year-old daughter Suri and would also be fighting Cruise’s church.

Some have contemplated that it was Cruise’s heavy involvement in the upper ranks of the Church of Scientology that caused their marital breakdown. But Katie was never allowed to reveal her reasons for divorcing Cruise thanks to a confidentiality agreement which appeared in the final settlement.

Holmes’ main objective was to get sole custody of Suri, which she managed to do after a weekend of tough negotiations. The couple settled out of court presumably to shield Cruise and the Church of Scientology from negative publicity. It only took the estranged couple a few weeks to quickly and quietly settle their divorce.

Even though the couple had a rock-solid prenuptial agreement Holmes managed to get sole custody of young Suri, allowing her to make decision about her daughter’s education and religious upbringing; Holmes has since removed Suri from the Church of Scientology activities.  Cruise agreed to pay child support and cover Suri’s medical and education expenses and is allowed visitation.

As for Holmes, she was granted $400,000 a year in spousal support as dictated by the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Cruise is worth an estimated $250 million.

To many, getting sole custody of Suri seemed like a monumental task because of Cruise’s power and influence, but Holmes who is no shrinking flower, managed to keep the spotlight off her divorce and engineer a final settlement that she could live with.

With the help of her father, who happens to be a divorce attorney, Holmes used disposable cell phones to consult with legal experts and keep key details from becoming public.

Since the divorce Katie and Suri have taken up permanent residency in New York, while Cruise continues to film abroad and retains his residence in California. Cruise still has regular contact with his lovely daughter.