It is shocking, and quite refreshing for that matter, that celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes handled their divorce as peacefully and quickly as they did.

Many divorce lawyers, and even FOX News personality, Judge Jeanine Pirro, have commented on the swift and amiable proceedings, saying their split should be a model for other divorcing couples, so they too can resolve matters as smoothly as possible.

The actors’ divorce was handled “beautifully, perfectly,” said Pirro.

“It should be a study for celebrities who get divorced,” Pirro told Celebuzz. “It was personal, the issues were resolved, it wasn’t played out on the public stage. Ultimately, it benefits all three of them: Tom, Katie and [daughter] Suri.”

“I think that the way Katie showed up publicly with Suri almost immediately prevented the stalkers from showing up, and the paparazzi from following her incessantly,” she added. “Now, Tom is doing the same thing with Suri.”

Not all couples who divorce realize that the children are the ones who are often most impacted. When dissolving a marriage, it is imperative that the needs of a child are taken seriously and are placed at the forefront.

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Divorce lawyers handle all the paperwork and act as liaisons between parties to prevent small disagreements from escalating into large disputes. They can take care of asset division, child custody and child support, alimony, and even wills and estates, always ensuring their clients’ rights are upheld and that the best possible outcome is attained.

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