Salt Lake City, UT- It’s the holidays and this can be a tough time of year especially for children of divorce. With a recent Pew survey showing that less than 50 percent of American children belong to a traditional family, parents more than every need tips for helping their children cope with their parents’ divorce during the holiday season. Here we’ve compiled advice from a variety of experts and sources to help you and your children.

First, make certain you, your ex and your family get together and come up with a holiday schedule. Having a set schedule can help make the transition to a new holiday routine easier.

Be flexible. Make certain if you tell your child you are going to do something, you do it. They are already dealing with enough emotions, they don’t need to add disappointment to the list. They also don’t need their parents fighting because one didn’t live up to the promises they made.

Traditions: Many experts believe you should make new traditions with your family instead of continuing one that may remind them of their parents’ divorce. If legal help is necessary an experienced lawyer such as Morgan E. Wilcox can give you the guidance needed.

Gifts: Coordinate with your ex about who will purchase what gifts for each child and discuss how much each parent should spend. You can avoid conflict over money if you and your estranged spouse go into together to purchase big ticket items. This keeps children from

As for your child’s emotional well-being, Rosalind Sedacca, a divorce and parenting coach, tells the Huffington Post that a parent can help their child cope with divorce by allowing them to express their feelings. She says parents should allow their children to vent about the divorce and talk about the things that bother them and remind them that what they are feeling is normal and natural.

Don’t say negative things about your estranged spouse. If you can refrain from saying negative things about your former spouse just don’t say anything at all. You should show your spouse compassion, that is after all, one of the reasons for the season. This can be a great teaching moment.

Divorce is hard on children and the holidays can make it even harder. You can do a lot to ease yours and your child’s pain if you follow some of the steps we outlined above. It’s very difficult for a child to see their family torn apart. Parents should make an effort to keep their split from causing a child or children from any more pain than they are also suffering.

If you can no longer make your marriage work and you need help with your divorce, you can turn to a Salt Lake City divorce attorney for guidance. They will help you with the process from filling out the initial paperwork to finalizing child custody arrangements. When you have an attorney on your side, you can have confidence in the fact that someone is working in your best interest and will fight to ensure you get a favorable settlement and custody terms.