If you are filing for divorce because you are in an abusive relationship or you have chosen to file for legal separation yet your spouse isn’t’ in agreement with your decision, the process is generally harder to endure. You may already be experiencing feelings of exhaustion, anxiousness, depression, and focusing is a challenge because after all, a divorce means you are closing a door that may have been opened for years.

But when a divorce is contentious and a spouse is looking for confrontation and causes conflicts as you work to get your divorce settled, trying to get through each step of it may seem impossible. In most cases, an abusive spouse, whether it may be physical, verbal, or emotional, isn’t going to be considerate. If they weren’t while you were married what would change now? But, trying to keep up with life’s daily responsibilities and working toward getting your divorce finalized with an inconsiderate spouse can be too much of a burden for one person to handle.

This is precisely why many individuals who are going through a contentious divorce hire a New York, NY divorce attorney who can serve as a mediator between the two of you and help you both arrive at some sort of agreement so that both of you can go your separate ways. And whether you have already hired a divorce lawyer or not, there are some tips you want to keep in mind so that you mentally are able to get through this rough patch without having a mental breakdown.

A contentious divorce is much harder to endure than an amicable one. Be sure you take time for yourself so you can regroup and not consume your life with your divorce.

How Can I Survive My Contentious Divorce?

  1. The first thing Psych Central believes a person should do is create a “divorce-free zone.” Your soon to be ex may be looking to pick a fight or is constantly looking for updates regarding the details of your divorce. Although you do want to get through it, you cannot allow it to consume your life. Krysta Dancy, MA, who is a therapist that specializes with couples and families, says you need to create boundaries. She goes on to state that “you are getting divorced to have less of this person’s influence in your life, remember?” She suggests setting aside a few hours in the day where your divorce is irrelevant.
  1. Determine which type of communication works best for you. Whether it is directly through your New York divorce lawyer, email, or text, figure out which type of communication allows you to handle the situation properly and avoid conflict.
  1. Find your own moments of calm. You can take part in muscle relaxation exercises or indulge in meditation. It vital that you take care of yourself during this stressful time. Divorces aren’t easy to get through so you need to make every effort to reduce your own stress levels so you can continue on with your normal daily routines.
  1. You can always hire a divorce lawyer in NY from USAttorneys.com. Whether you want to learn about the process, are ready to proceed on, or have questions, sitting down with a licensed family law lawyer is your best bet.