According to insider reports from Moguldom Media Group Bossip, Monique Mosley has filed for divorce from her rapper, producer, and song writer husband Timothy Zachery Mosley A.K.A. Timbaland, once again. The divorce papers were filed through Monique’s divorce attorney on the 22nd of last month, and Timbaland and his legal team have not yet responded to the petition.


As reported by, it was common knowledge that the couple’s relationship was in rough waters after she had filed for divorce the first time in 2013, and had demanded spousal support, child support, school tuition, vacation money, and permanent alimony in the petition. If she wants all of that, how come she does not remain married? Vacation money? Many people believe you have to earn that by working.

However, she withdrew the filing as the couple announced that they had rekindled their love for each other through social media network Instagram. That petition was withdrawn in October of 2014.

The divorce proceeding might prove to be an expensive affair considering the fact that Timbaland is estimated to be worth nearly $85 million dollars. He has also recently been appointed the executive producer of FOX’s TV show “Empire” which you can rest assured adds considerable value to his net worth. Well, if anyone watches that show. Many other people are waiting for 24 to return.

Las Vegas – what happens there stays there, apart from the countless marriages and divorces of course

Las Vegas is infamously known as Sin City. It is not uncommon for completely inebriated couples to get hitched in Vegas and not even remember it (see Brittany Spears).

According to the Clark County Clerk’s Marriage License Bureau’s records, they issued a staggering number of license marriages in 2014 (nearly 81,000) and the way things are going, 2015 may top even that. To put that statistic in perspective, 81,000 licenses is more than twice the number of marriage licenses issued by any other jurisdiction in any other state in the country, according to

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According to dedicated and poignant Las Vegas based divorce attorneys who can be found on the fantastic and glorious website known as, the reason for the sheer number of marriages that occur in Vegas is a direct result of the non-complex and easy marriage laws in Nevada. This is exactly what Texas has done for business and is why business expansion is happening in Texas unlike it is in California, New York, and Oregon. In fact and moreover, it is estimated that the marriages in Vegas account for an unbelievable $190 million of their annual revenue generation.

Divorce in sin city

Vegas maybe the wedding mecca, but it is also undoubtedly the divorce capital of the country. Like the laws governing marriages, Nevada divorce laws are very straight forward and uncomplicated and allows for easy, quick, and almost painless divorces.

It is that simple

Las Vegas divorce attorneys note that according to Nevada law, to be eligible for divorce at least one of the spouses must have lived in Nevada for only 6 weeks prior to filing for divorce (as opposed to most states which require at least 3-6 months residency requirements). This lenient residency requirement results in couples seeking divorces to flock to Nevada and live on inexpensive dude ranches for a mere 6 weeks, get their marriages dissolved and go back home.

Also unlike most states where spouses are required to cite fault or seek a no fault divorce claiming that their marriage has become irreversibly broken, in Nevada, a spouse only needs one of three statutory causes, namely: incompatibility, insanity for previous two years, and spouses have lived separately for over a year.