LANCASTER, UK – How far would you go to screw over your ex? One man went as far as far as risking incarceration to have his ex-wife’s divorce settlement reduced and in the end, got exactly what he bargained for – jail time.

Stephen Hughes, 48, of Lodges Grove, Morecambe, lied so it would appear as though he had spent a large sum of money on a property he owned so he would not have to give his wife her full fair share in their divorce settlement.

During divorce proceedings at Lancaster’s County Court in 2009, Hughes presented several checks and invoices that were falsified to look as though he had paid a substantial amount of money for work on the property. The money was actually being spent, but what was really going on was that Hughes was transferring the cash to alternative bank accounts and using the money to buy a property in Cape Verde for his personal enjoyment.

The truth was discovered during a dispute over another property and Hughes was sentenced to prison for 18 months for fraud and perjury.

“This case was one of the most complex I have investigated due to the various different financial transactions involved and Hughes’ thorough attempts to hide the money from his wife,” said detective constable Ciara Campbell, Lancaster CID.

Hughes isn’t the only person who will go to excessive lengths to stop their ex from getting their rightful share of assets and property in a divorce settlement. To ensure this does not happen to you, hire a divorce lawyer to manage your case so you can rest assured it will resolve smoothly and in your best interest.