Stress of Divorce Can Drive Men to DrinkFt. Lauderdale, FL- Not matter the circumstances and whether a divorce is wanted, this process can take a toll on all parties involved. Rejection, anger, loneliness and anxiety can pile up on a person and in turn their mental health suffers.

The affect divorce has on our mental health is well-known and studied often, but divorce can Divorces aren’t easy, but a divorce attorney can take some of the burdens of divorce off your shoulders so you can mind your mental and physical health


In a recent study, researchers at the University of Arizona monitored the sleeping habits of 138 people, who were separated from their spouses or going through a divorce, for several months before and after their split. They were questioned about their sleeping patterns and researchers checked their blood pressure regularly.

Some of the study’s participants experienced minimal interruption in their sleeping patterns and decreased quality of sleep. Others has moderate sleeping problems and some participants suffered from insomnia. Researchers found that the longer insomnia and sleeplessness persists, ten weeks or longer, the more likely it will begin to be drag on your mental and physical health. Participants with prolonged periods of insomnia also experienced a blood pressure increase throughout the study.

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Divorce causes stress

The National Institute of Mental Health explains that a major life event, like divorce, can lead to increased stress and risk for depression. Plus, women are more susceptible to mood disorders “due to hormonal factors that can influence the brain chemicals that regulate mood

Heart Disease:

Heart disease is a danger and unfortunate after effect of extreme stress and sleeplessness, which typically accompanies divorce. A University of Utah Study found divorce increases your risk of developing heart disease by 20 percent. Both partners are at risk, but women are more susceptible.

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Divorce leads to drinking:

Having a drink or two occasionally is is probably a good way to wind down during such a stressful time like divorce. But when that occasional beer, glass of wine or cocktail turns into a drinking problem.

A longitudinal study of 5,000 Wisconsin residents, conducted over the course of 47 years, found marriage and divorce has an effect on how much men and women drink. Marriage regulated men’s drinking habits and they drank far less than single for divorced men, according to the Huffington Post. 

Strangely enough, women actually drank more when married and less after they are divorced.

Lead researcher Corrine Reczek told LiveScience, “Some research suggests that men are more likely to cope with stressors in an ‘externalizing’ ways (i.e. alcohol use) while women are likely to cope in ‘internalizing’ ways (e.g. depression.”

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