The assailant of Talladega, Alabama Mayor Larry Barton who had beaten up the mayor until he had become black and blue has made claims that his wife, who he is currently in the middle of a bitter divorce with, was caught in action having extramarital sexual intercourse on tape not once or twice but three times, as reported by

The man’s divorce attorney in fact forwarded the three tapes to the divorce attorney representing his wife as part of the legal divorce proceedings where they have to disclose all evidence they plan to use in a court of law. The video graphic evidence was captured in a room at the back of an alcohol mart that the couple jointly owned. There are Alabama divorce attorneys that would exploit these scenes until the end of time.

The assailant is 71 year old Benny Green and his wife Charlotte Green. Benny attacked and beat up Larry Barton with a baseball bat as the latter was making his way to a barber shop where he worked part time. Barton was able to identify his attacker since Green had previously appeared on his radio talk show. Green’s former Alabama divorce attorney announced that their motive behind the attack was simply revenge for the fact that Barton was engaging in sexual activities with Green’s wife.

Talladega mayor caught having affair with married woman

Barton denied that he had been involved in any such scandalous affairs but the evidence put forth by Green seems to suggest otherwise. Court documents clearly stated that the 34 minute video clearly showed the defendants wife having sexual intercourse with a man in the backroom of their retail liquor shop.

Benny’s former attorney spoke with Even though he refused to give details as to what he had seen on tape, he did use the terms “full blown” to describe the sexual acts. The mayor himself also spoke to saying that he opened the door of the barber shop when someone tapped on it, and was faced with a hooded figure armed with a baseball bat that started beating up Barton. Barton maintains that Green had tried to kill him but Barton was able to save himself as he kicked away Green.

Divorce Marriage Process and the Ugly Truth

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Divorce laws in Alabama

Alabama is one the few states in the country which recognizes and accepts both fault and no fault divorces. Basically this means that a couple seeking to mutually dissolve their marriage may simply cite “irreconcilable differences” or “irreversible breakdown of marriage” as reason for their divorce and file a no fault divorce.

On the other hand, one of the spouses may file for a fault divorce in instances where the other spouse has committed an action considered “fault”, some examples of such faults are: adultery, alcoholism, domestic violence etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the laws are extensive and cover topics such as filing requirements, property division, alimony, child custody & support, spousal support, etc. therefore it is best to have a qualified Alabama divorce attorney to assist you with the legal proceedings when going through a divorce.