Divorce messagesCoral Springs, FL- Once you’ve determined that your marriage is over and divorce is your next step, you have a number of decisions to make that could help or hurt your final divorce settlement and child custody arrangement. Making the wrong decision could put your whole case at risk, so the divorce lawyers at USAttorneys would like to share four mistakes that you should avoid when you set your divorce in motion.

Hiring the wrong Florida divorce attorney

An assertive lawyer is generally a good thing, but when it comes to divorce, you need legal counsel that can be compassionate as well. You need a lawyer who can firmly and successfully negotiate on your behalf and to your benefit, but they must also know the value of compromise. The entire divorce process, from beginning to end, is a deeply emotional and potentially volatile process, so you need someone who can keep tensions between you and your estranged spouse from reaching a fevered pitch.

You can get a good idea if a lawyer is right for you during your initial consultation. You should choose someone you have a good report with and who is willing to listen to your concerns. You should look for a lawyer who has accreditations and a history of successful cases.

Choosing the wrong process

One of the biggest mistakes an estranged couple makes is choosing the wrong divorce process. Fortunately, there are a few methods a couple can choose from, each with its own pros and cons. A couple can choose from settlement negotiations, mediation or collaborative divorce. Each process differs in the time it takes to resolve a case and the overall cost.

A divorce lawyer can inform a couple about how each process works and which will be most appropriate for them. During your initial consultation, an attorney can determine what process will work best given your financials, assets and desired child custody arrangements.

Agreeing to a child custody arrangement without all the information

This is another reason why a divorcing couple will benefit from having legal counsel; they can thoroughly explain what each child custody arrangement is and what will be more appropriate in your case. Some arrangements give one parent nearly full control of how a child is raised. Some arrangements allow children to spend equal time with both parents. Issues of financial support and visitation must also be decided during child custody arrangements. A child custody attorney can help shed some light on these issues and help you act in the best interest of your child.

Being on the road to divorce can be a confusing time. All those important decisions that need to be made only add to the confusion which is why you’ll be much better off in the long run if you let a professional help you with all those crucial decision. Just contact USAttorneys and let us connect you with a Florida attorney today.