Divorce Marriage Process and the Ugly Truth

Augusta, GA- It’s no secret that divorce can be an ugly affair and can take months for a couple to finalize. All the while the negotiations are contentious and neither spouse can reach the middle ground. Some couples just don’t have strength or will to go through an acrimonious divorce. For these Georgia couples, mediation may a better alternative to a traditional divorce.

First, to determine if mediation is right for your situation, you need to understand what the process is and some of the benefits it has to offer. Mediation is a process through which a divorcing couple hashes out the tougher issues they need to deal with, like child custody or asset division, with the help of a neutral third party, or a mediator.

Mediator have nothing to lose or gain, so they can be neutral and will guide negotiations between you and your estranged spouse. Your and your spouse’s divorce attorneys can also participate in the negotiation process. If you are considering mediation, USAttorneys urges you to speak with a divorce lawyer in Augusta to discuss if this process is appropriate in your case.

Now that you understand what mediation is, we will discuss three of the main benefits of divorce mediation.

One: Mediation is less costly than meeting appearing in court over and over to resolve your issues. Some legal fees apply, they are significantly lower that if you have to go through arbitration or a divorce trial.

Two: Mediation is not as hard on a couple’s child or children. According to the American Bar Association, mediation is less stressful and keeps the fighting from creeping into the family home. The ABA also notes joint custody agreements are more likely with mediation and children are much better off with a joint custody arrangement.

Three: Mediation is private process; only the couple, the mediator and legal counsel are present during negotiations and there is no court record of the proceedings. Some couples would rather not air their problems in front of a court and mediation gives them the chance to avoid it.

Mediation allows a couple to talk out their differences and put aside some of their animosity so they can resolve very important issues. But this is not a process that works for all couples. If mediation is not successful, a couple will have to start the process all over again and perhaps choose a different process. That is a daunting prospect for many people, so they might want to think twice.

Before you make any decisions about how to resolve your divorce and contentious issues, USAttorneys advises a couple to speak with a divorce attorney in Georgia to what divorce options are available to them. An attorney will be able to determine which process will work best considering a couple’s circumstances. Contact a lawyer today and get their opinion on what divorce process you and your spouse should choose.