Portland, OR- The last thing on a couple’s mind when they marry is divorce, but the fact is not all marriages last. Some couples can have a long-lasting marriage, others can’t and divorce becomes and inevitability. When it does come to the time when a couple must part ways they have some misconceptions about their Oregon divorce. Here we will discuss three of the most common myths.

The Mother Almost Always gets Custody Children:

It is true that in the majority of child custody cases are decided in favor of the mother, but it’s not a sure thing. Men can prevail in child custody cases and often do. The main of objectives of the court are to consider what is in the child’s best interest and which parent meets the courts standards. If the mother is deemed and unfit parent, then custody will be awarded to the father.

Alimony is always awarded to the woman:

This is a common myth about divorce and in a different time that may have been true. Alimony, which is often paid over a long period of time, can be awarded to a man if he happened to be the lesser earning spouse.

Because more and more father stay at home with the children while their wife work outside the home, they are awarded alimony more often than many would believe. In a recent survey, the Matrimonial Attorneys of America found that 47 percent of its members, mostly divorce and family attorneys, saw an increase in number of women who must pay alimony or spousal support to their estranged ex.

Alimony is awarded to a spouse so they can maintain the standard of living they have become accustomed too. It is typically awarded to a man or woman who didn’t work outside the home and have no means of support outside the income provided by a higher-earning spouse.

Divorce settlements are not final:

Divorce Settlements can be renegotiated:

There are time when a marriage has gone sour that a couple is so ready to move on with their lives that they hastily accept a divorce settlement, thinking it can be renegotiated sometime down the road. This is not the case. If the divorcing parties believe that there was fraud, misconduct or a missed asset, a person can ask for a review of their final divorce settlement. However, if one party decides they are not pleased with a settlement or their financial circumstances have taken a turn for the worst, a challenge of their settlement will most likely be unsuccessful. So, it’s important for a person to carefully review their divorce settlement before signing off on it.

Our Oregon divorce attorneys know that going through a divorce is an emotionally taxing and complex process. They understand that a great deal is at stake, and will take the necessary steps to ensure the interests of their clients are protected in the process. Having an attorney on your side won’t take the pain out of divorce, but it will keep you from receiving a disagreeable settlement.