Louisville, KY – After eight years of marriage, movie stars Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have filed for divorce.

According to one Louisville news station, WHAS11 News, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have filed for divorce. They released a joint statement on their social media pages announcing their decision to move forward with divorce lawyers, explaining they “tried hard for a really long time,  and that they “were really disappointed.”

While making custody arrangements for their five-year-old son Jack will not be easy, it will hail in comparison to the task of dividing their assets that their divorce attorneys have in front of them.

Since both of the actors’ careers didn’t take off until after they wed in 2009, there’s a chance that they did not have a prenuptial agreement. If that is the case, then their divorce will definitely not be cheap.

Legal experts clarify that by not cheap, they predict the divorce turning into a financial disaster. Jason Hopper, a divorce lawyer not on the case, told Fox News that Pratt may stand to lose quite a bit of his recent earnings if no prenup was signed. The reason? Most of his success came after the duo wed.

People reports that Pratt was one of the highest paid actors in 2016, with his two roles in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy bringing in $26 million alone. In fact, Forbes named him the top-grossing actor in 2015 after Jurassic World raked in $1.67 billion with just a $150 million budget.

Prior to Pratt’s two blockbuster hits, he made about $13 million between 2014-2015. After, The Hollywood Reporter shares that he raked in even more cash after earning $12 million in 2016 for Passengers. 

If the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, then Pratt’s incredible earning power has only made his divorce that much more expensive. To put it in perspective, he was only making $200,000 per episode of Parks and Recreation when they married in 2009.

While Faris has had some success since their wedding, it is certainly no match for what her estranged husband brought in. She currently makes $125,000 per episode of Mom.

Regarding their physical assets, the couple own a home worth $2.97 million. If they don’t have a prenup in place, then their 4,700-square-foot home will be added to the list of property their divorce lawyers will need to divide up.

Considering the fact that Pratt is earning significantly more than Faris, there’s a good chance she will ask for child support for their son Jack.

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