Child custody cases are not only a tough nut to crack, but also have a huge effect on both the parents and the child. It is always advisable to consider the services of a reputed child custody lawyers if you have no prior experience in dealing with such a situation. We’re sure that not many people deal with a situation like child custody twice in their lifetime. Hence it is always better to take the help of an experienced Lawyer who knows about handling such cases. If you’re clueless on how to hire the right lawyer for your case, let us take a look at the below pointers.

Family conflict

  1. Check The Attorney’s Proximity

Unless you own a charter plane or a private helicopter, traveling to a different town each time you want to meet your lawyer isn’t a very great option. No matter how good a lawyer is, make sure that there is a manageable distance between your residence and the lawyer’s office. The first thing you should check is weather the attorney is able and happy to meet you near your place. This might not seem important but travelling long distances each time you need your lawyer’s consultancy, can add further pressure to the already stressful situation.

  1. Check The Lawyer’s Experience

In the field of law, experience is everything and you do not want to risk putting your case in the hands of a newbie. An attorney with relevant experience in the child custody law and similar cases can not only provide you a better chance at winning the case but will also give you a mental and moral support. An attorney is not just a legal advisor but is also a good counselor who will provide an unbiased opinion about the situation.

  1. Do Thorough Background Checks

Your lawyer might be practicing in the field for several years but that doesn’t mean he is fit to handle your case. We all know that there are several lawyers who are not very successful at representing their clients in the court and have made errors that have cost them the case. One must be extremely careful of such lawyers and should only hire them once all the proper background checks have been done. You can also check a particular attorney’s review by searching their names online. The online reviews can give you a much clearer picture about a particular lawyer’s competence.

  1. Fees

We all know that most lawyers can charge a lot of money and in cases as sensitive as child custody or divorce; you cannot afford to lose more money. Have your attorney explain his fee structure before hand to avoid further problems in the future. Unlike other cases where lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys might demand an upfront fee that might not be a very affordable choice for many.

  1. Check Weather You Actually Need to File a Lawsuit

Cases like divorce and child custody are certainly connected to a lot of emotional traumas than being simple legal issues. An experienced child custody attorney is not just meant to turn the case in your favor but is also a great advisor who can provide you with some much needed counseling to calm down the emotions. There have been several cases where the advice of a child custody lawyer has made the lawsuit completely unnecessary and have settled the matter before reaching the courts. Instead of focusing on when to gain custody in a divorce, try to focus on how you can avoid this situation altogether.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

Although child custody is a highly sensitive matter, a good presence of mind can make you go a long way. Meeting the right man for the job is not just a matter of careful research but also depends on how well you’re able to judge a person’s abilities. Depending on your gut feeling about hiring a particular attorney is the last option as all the answers to your problems lie within your own subconscious. It is your confidence in a lawyer that makes him take some additional steps to ensure that the tides turn in your favor.

Hiring a child custody attorney is an important task and has several emotional attachments and traumas related to it. The above points can certainly help you in identifying the right person for the task and keep you from succumbing to the stressful situation.