Denver, CO—Divorces are some of the most challenging events individuals experience in their lifetime and they only become more complicated when children are involved. When two parents separate, they must decide how they want to divide their time between their minor children or if they want to let the court assist with the decision-making process. 


Regardless of who decides how parenting time is divided, the arrangement must be in the best interest of the child.


Creating a Parenting Plan


Parents who would prefer not to have the court decide how much time they get to spend with their child can work together to create a parenting plan. In order for a parenting plan to take effect, both parties must be in agreement with it, and it must be in the best interest of the child. Some of the things parents in Denver should consider as they create their parenting plan include1:

  • Determine how much time they have to spend with their child. For instance, parents will need to consider their work schedules coupled with a child’s school and activity schedules to see what arrangement would be best.
  • Decide how transitions are going to be made and what each parent’s role will be. For instance, will one parent be required to do the driving when picking up and dropping off the child? Will the cost of fuel be split equally?
  • Consider the “existing relationship with the children.” The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment recommends that parents “do not damage quality time for quantity.”
  • Consider the “age, sex, and interests of the child.” If there is more than one minor child involved and the age and/or gender differs, the parents may need to consider different parenting schedules for each child.
  • Consider vacation days and “religious commitments.”
  • Establish a plan for how “new partners will be introduced to the children.” If either party decides to date or remarry following their divorce, it would be beneficial for them to create a plan for how they want to introduce their partner when that time comes.
  • Decide who will pay for any extra costs that are incurred that are not included in the child support order, if one was issued.


Hiring a Divorce Law Firm to Assist with the Divorce Process


Anytime a parent decides they want to file for divorce and there are minor children involved, they should consider retaining a Denver, CO divorce lawyer for help. A divorce attorney will help them file all the required paperwork with the court and will even identify what needs to be included in their parenting plan. A parent in Denver who would like help with filing for divorce and getting their parenting plan created can contact Anderson Barkley, LLC at 720-506-1764.



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