Dallas, TX- Divorces can get nasty! That’s a fact. And although Texas is a no-fault divorce state, with an emphasis in equal division, there are things a divorcing couple can do that could potentially damage their final divorce settlement or child custody arrangement.

Talking trash about your ex

Sometimes in anger, especially the deep anger of emotional rejection, people will say anything to hurt their ex- the person that caused them so much pain. This won’t effect a couple as far as community property division is concerned, but making a snide comment, a baseless accusation or saying disparaging things about your ex can end up damaging your child custody arrangement. More and more, courts prefer children to spend equal time with both parents. Saying bad things about your ex in front of your children or other parties will reflect unfavorably on you and leave the family court to question your character. Hateful and bitter words may give the court reason to question your parenting skills.

Don’t let anger affect the outcome of your divorce settlement. If you need to vent lean on a friend or speak with a psychologist, and let a divorce law firm speak for you. At USAttorneys, we can connect you with a divorce attorney in Texas to protect your interests and keep you saying anything that can damage your final divorce settlement or child custody arrangement.

Sharing too much on social media

In 2015, social media is a big part of our lives. We share the everyday details of our lives and the big adventures we embark on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. People talk about their divorce, about their exes and who they are dating. Often times the social media talk can be mean and hateful rants directed towards an ex which can make things even more acrimonious and negotiations all the more difficult.

The things you post on social media generally aren’t a factor in child custody cases, but that could change as family court seeks to catch up with technology. Take for instance a recent case from New York. It involved a couple enmeshed an ongoing child custody battle. The wife, who had primary custody of their four-year-old child, was accused of traveling much of the time she was supposed to be taken care of the child and posting about her travels on social media. The child’s father sought custody of the child and, though not generally accepted evidence in family court, he was allowed to use his estranged spouse’s Facebook posts of her travels to bolster his child custody claim.

There are some couples who have no contentious issues between them and can easily quickly settle the terms of their divorce and child custody arrangement. But that is rare, most couples need a divorce or child custody lawyer to assist them through all stages of their divorce and help them resolve their case either through negotiations or in court. USAttorneys can connect you with lawyer in Texas to protect your interests and ensure a fair and speedy resolution.