Apparently being beautiful is not enough to keep some men happy. Stephanie March is spectacular but her beauty has not brought marital bliss to her life.

It seems the estranged wife of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, Stephanie March is taking the adage “behind every successful man, there is a woman” very seriously. March claims that Flay owes his success to her as she was the person who approved all of his dishes served in restaurants managed by him.

Apparently March is not happy with her income from Law and Order, she wants more!

March proves that TV attorneys are certainly not attorneys in real life

The gorgeous wife has filed papers in the court asking the set aside the pre-nuptial agreement the couple had in place. March claims that the prenup leaves her with almost nothing when matter-of-fact she was the driving force behind Flay’s success. So March did not read this prenup before she signed it? Did she not learn anything while being a TV attorney about the law?

Divorce attorneys representing March claim that every dish that chef prepared went through number of iterations based on suggestions provided by this outstanding looking actress. Only when she approved them, did Flay introduce those gastronomic wonders to his clients.

Citing one particular incident, March’s lawyer say that it was on her insistence that Flay decided to implement tapas in the menu. Flay was totally against it, but March was adamant and managed to convince her then beloved husband to do it her way. The dish was finally introduced to the Bolo Restaurant in New York, which went on to be a runaway success. Though the restaurant had a three-star rating from the New York Times, it shut down eventually due to poor response from patrons.


This is not the first time the NY Times have been wrong. They still think President Obama’s stimulus package worked out well for America and ISIS is not a threat.

Stephanie March makes up her own pre-nup on the fly

Apart from the food and menu, March said that she was also deeply involved in designing the interiors of Bobby’s restaurants. According to her divorce attorneys, as per the prenup, Stephanie will be provided $5,000 per month and $1 million in cash settlement for buying a home.

The attorneys representing Bobby however are firm on their stand and are opposing Stephanie’s move to set aside the prenup. Bobby and he alone has worked hard to earn the celebrity status and no one else can be attributed to his success.

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