At a time when divorces are steadily becoming routine affair (well, they are just being reported more), a very interesting turn in events has taken divorce attorneys by surprise. As most are aware, Toni Braxton’s sister Trina Braxton had filed for divorce in a bid to separate out from husband of 10 years, Gabriel Andriansolis.

Two Dirty People

She had claimed that the bond they had shared for a decade now had been irretrievably broken and their respective divorce lawyers had also stated that both couples had in fact admitted to cheating. However, if recent developments are to be believed, things are not moving according to plan.

Love Still Exists

Although Trina might be completely convinced about ending this association, her husband seems to have had a change of heart. Adrian Solis now believes that the marriage is not over yet. Therefore, he has gone ahead and filed documents in a court in Georgia, countering the divorce petition. He claims that whatever went wrong with the marriage can be fixed with a little effort from both partners. He has hinted that reconciliation is indeed possible since the couple is still in love with each other.

Big Money

It is interesting to note that Trina had separated out from her husband two years back in 2011. They have been living separately ever since and Gabriel had confessed of associations with several women while he was in a relationship with Trina. Trina had also claimed that her ex-husband needs to pay up some serious money for the divorce settlement to go through!

Did he sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Apparently it does not seem to be the case and Trina seems to be seeing dollar signs and the material gifts that come along with that money. She cares more about money than the marriage it seems. How quickly that money will last until she decides to marry someone else with money is something no one else knows.

So for a statement of this kind to have come in at this point might upset things for her! Whatever the consequences are, the case has indeed taken an interesting turn, claim divorce lawyers. Which way tides turn still remains to be seen! If Trina agrees to backtrack and make some serious efforts, things might settle down for good!