The Torrey Devitto and Paul Wesley divorce is now final with the proceedings having gone through. It has also been learnt that Paul, who is primarily known for his association with “Vampire Diaries”, is spending money about as fast as the current president is on his failing health care agenda. 

Sources close to divorce attorneys who have been handling the proceedings have learnt that Paul is indeed obtaining a sizeable share of the loot from his divorce settlements with Torrey! Well, perhaps he deserved it or perhaps he is just pathetic and got lucky in marrying a rich woman.

Makes Sense

It has been revealed by divorce lawyers that Paul and Torrey had signed a prenuptial agreement. And according to the conditions laid out by the agreement, their earnings would be kept separate. On top of this, he has ended up making much more money than his ex-wife. To top it all off, the prenuptial agreement also allows him to keep all the money that he had fronted for purchasing their home. This amounts to a cool $730,593. However, Torrey only is allowed to keep what she has put in which is no more than $10K.

What is wrong with that?

When it comes to motor vehicles, Paul retains the best! He gets too keep the elegant Toyota Prius, The Audi Q5, and the Triumph Bonneville Chopper that the couple owned. Torrey only is able to keep the Audi A4! This only makes logical and financial sense. Paul covered his bases. If the marriage goes south which it did, he is financially OK. If they both loved each other and were honest people, this would not really matter anyhow. But this pre-nup is coming into play since both are quitting on this relationship and it seems Paul will not be burned because of it.

The couple became married in 2011 and separated in July. They have no children from the marriage and therefore, custody issues were not part of the divorce settlement agreement. What Torrey thinks of the developments still remains to be heard! But who really cares?!