In bizarre new trend that’s taking the social media by storm, couples are posing for divorce selfies to ‘celebrate’ the occasion of separation from their partners. Divorce selfies outside courthouses and other places are fast becoming the new-age practice for recently separated couples to make a statement about the end of a phase and beginning of another.

Juvenile behavior

The rising trend of divorce viral selfies challenge the acrimony often associated with divorcing couples and has therefore piqued the interest of relationship experts. Divorce/separation doesn’t always conjure up images of happy, smiling, and mischievously grinning couples, which is why the seeming odd trend is gaining immensely popularity. Spokane, Washington divorce lawyers have no idea why this is happening.

According to a report in The Washinton Post, Calgary, Alberta couple Shannon and Chris Neuman’s ‘filing for divorce selfie’ sent the social media in a tizzy, and was shared 11,000 times within hours of being uploaded online. Chris added a tongue in cheek comment, “I couldn’t have hand-picked a better ex-wife if I tried”, adds the report.

A sad social media trend? 

Couples are also getting creative with the setting, expressions, and captioning of these selfies to get the desired attention. Some think the trend is as ridiculous as funeral selfies and refer to it as the decline of common sense, according to a report in Hotair. While others believe, it’s an Instagram-age update for curious friends and acquaintances regarding issues related to co-parenting and other arrangements. It’s like a social media tell-all broadcast that is easier than having to individually communicate the status of the marriage to all contacts.

The ‘happy divorce selfies’ have predictably raked up the necessary debate and controversy. Some view it as an expression of endorsing or promoting divorce or an easy way out of the marriage. Irrespective of the conflicting opinions and hullabaloo, the divorce selfie hashtag is showing no signs of declining in the near future. Some people believe, and perhaps some Spokane, Washington divorce attorneys, that people that do this are immature and that is why they are getting divorced in the first place.

Washington divorce laws in a nutshell

To file for dissolution of marriage in the state of Washington, one has to meet the stipulated residency laws of the court. The petition for Dissolution of Marriage must mention the sole state of Washington ground for the marriage dissolution, “Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage.”

If the other party agrees that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and joins in the filed petition, the court enters a decree for the dissolution of the marriage. A minimum of 90 days have to pass since the Petition for Dissolution has been filed and served for the divorce to come through. If you have any questions about this or if your partner is acting immature by taking ridiculous selfies, is where you should head next. As this story portrays, digital technology can be used for irrational reasons but in terms of this site, digital technology can be used for the most poetic and altruistic reasons as well.

In the event that the other party alleges that they are been made a part of the petition by fraud or force, the court will further investigate, and will the accordingly dismiss the petition. If either party doesn’t agree that the marriage has been irretrievably broken, the court takes into account all the pertinent factors that led to the filing of the petition and the chances for reconciliation.

An expert and experienced Spokane, Washington divorce lawyer is well equipped with complicated legal issues related to dissolution of marriage including petition filing, distribution of assets, alimony, child support, child custody and others.