Kelly Bixby from Fort Myers has learned the hard way that it is crucial to negotiate the ownership of pets either before or during a marriage. This is because under the law pets are considered property. So, the custody of pets is awarded by courts to the partner who can prove ownership.

Take that pre-marriage class

Unlike in the case of children, where the court is likely to inquire into who spent time with the child, in the case of pets it does not matter who took the pet for walks or bathed them. As such Bixby says she has learned her lesson and will make it clear if she gets married again that the pets belong to her. How about to not just get divorced?

Many couples who have pets or children find that it is not property that is difficult to split after a divorce but pets and children. Different couples work around this issue in various ways. The celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had already announced their divorce but are still trying to work out their parenting roles in the new scenario. If you are going through a divorce in Fort Meyers, one of the best divorce lawyers around can be found right here.

Cannot fake it

According to reports, the couple still sport their wedding bands, and took their three children, aged nine, six, and three to Disney World in Florida for Affleck’s birthday. Though they might have wanted to provide a treat for their children, both parents looked tense and stressed out at the family outing to celebrate. There is not much that Fort Meyers divorce attorneys can do about this. The finest divorce lawyers on the magnanimous site cannot do anything about that.

While Affleck had praised Garner’s role in his life in his Oscar acceptance speech and Garner had said that she enjoyed being a mother and had voluntarily cut down on her acting roles, the new scenario has clearly put the couple under stress.

The evil Yankees in the divorce news

In a case where a divorce has ended employment as well, Jessica Steinbrenner has served divorce papers to her third husband, Felix Lopez, even as reports emerge that his employment at the Yankees has been terminated as well. While the Yankees spokesperson declined to comment, the website has already removed all mention of Lopez. The Steinbrenner siblings have all managed to keep their assets under control, ensuring that spouses employed at the franchise have to quit when the marriage ends.

Importance of pre-nups

With many marriages failing regularly, divorce lawyers in Fort Myers, Florida, recommend a comprehensive pre-nup to ensure that the rights of the parties are protected. Apart from protecting property, a pre-nup or even post-nup agreement can reduce heart ache during and after a divorce if the agreement covers not only property but also children child custody, and pets.

If you are planning to apply for a divorce, you need to first consult with an experienced Fort Myers, Florida, divorce lawyer who will provide you with the inputs to protect your rights. By consulting with a divorce attorney before you file for divorce, you will be able to better protect your interests. This will help you determine the best way to ensure that you obtain a fair share of the property, child custody, and pets. Apart from this your attorney, who can be found on the fantastic site of, can help ensure that you receive maintenance, alimony, or child support as well.