According to an updated complaint by the federal department, an eight member team of kidnappers used violence for obtaining a religious divorce at a New Jersey warehouse. They had donned Halloween masks as well as bandanas. According to updates received from divorce lawyers, one of them had worn a garbage bag on top of his clothes while another member chose to slip into a Metallica t-shirt.

Heinous Thoughts

The group was aiming at kidnapping an orthodox Jew in order to beat him up and convince him to give a religious divorce to his wife. The complaint details that they had discussed their plans for carrying out an assault on the husband on the night of October 9th by a cattle prod as well as other devices.

Evidence Found

Once an undercover agent of the FBI left for rescuing the fictitious husband, other agents swarmed inside the warehouse and arrested all the eight men. This was somewhat like a sting operation that comprised of audio and video surveillance. Once the operation was over, agents of the FBI found masks, surgical blades, ropes, plastic bags, screw driver, and several ceremonial items that were planned to be used for recording the divorce. According to the Jewish practice, orthodox men who cannot get a divorce are not allowed to remarry. Well, they can remarry just not by the church.

Anyone can be married by a bureaucrat who works for the Justice of the Peace. There are not any standards there as long as you are not currently married.

 Big Money

The mastermind of the case, according to divorce lawyers, was Rabbi Martin, Torrah and Rabbi Mendel Epstein. The group was planning to charge an amount of $10,000 each for the three Rabbis, from the wife for approving the kidnapping. They would also be charging a massive $50,000 to $60,000 for hiring the thugs who would be carrying out the actual violence.


According to sources, these arrests stemmed from a 2011 case where a NJ coupled by the name of Judy and David Wax were accused of kidnapping an Israeli national to attempt to get him to divorce his estranged wife living in Israel.