Celebrity divorces are not uncommon by any stretch of the imagination. It seems like a week cannot go by without a high profile couple ending their marriage.

Usually, in such star studded divorce cases where celebrities are represented by some of the most sought after divorce lawyers in all of Hollywood, the divorce is premised around issues such as who gets to keep the fancy cars, who gets to keep which condo, what sort of alimony arrangements are going to be made, etc.

However, those aren’t the things which are in focus when it comes to Scarlett Johansson’s divorce with her former husband Romain Dauriac. The couple’s marriage was short lived (not by Hollywood standards though) but still lasted two years. Dauriac is a 34 year old art museum curator and is French born.

As reported by smh.com.au, the big question mark now lies over the future of their only child, their 2 year old daughter Rose. Johansson, as per sources has agreed to joint custody, but insists that Rose should reside with her. In other words, Johansson is ok with joint legal custody, but wants physical custody of her daughter. This type of custody is common say stellar divorce legal professionals who have handled several such cases.

How will this all pan out? Will Johansson get what she is looking for or will Dauriac be able to take away Rose from under Johansson’s nose to his native home city of Paris which is consumed with high taxes and a pathetic economy?

Well, so far, the divorce lawyers from both sides have begun negotiations. They are trying to keep matters out of court and are going back and forth behind closed doors.

One shocking revelation which has come about is that Johansson and her lawyer filed for divorce using the couple’s real names despite their being a legal provision in New York family law courts where famous people are allowed to use anonymous captions in order to avoid paparazzi. What was the thought process behind this? Surely, they knew of the provision; why did they not use it?

Johansson did issue a statement later on where she basically said she would refrain from commenting on the divorce or anything related to it, and she demanded privacy; why did she just not use alias names in the divorce if that is what she wanted? No one knows! Why would someone take naked pictures of themselves?

Johansson and her legal team want to make sure that the case is heard in a family court in New York and not in France. That should not be too difficult since under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act―the court of jurisdiction is going to be wherever the child has been living for the prior six months. Is it just coincidence or super legal planning that Rose has now lived in New York for almost exactly six months?

Time is not on your side, make the call

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