It seems like Richard Gere is human after all, his calm and composed persona has finally started to show signs of breaking down. Gere has been known for being cool and aloof and has held such a status in the public eye for over three decades but is now no longer able to pull off that Buddha like aura thanks to the pressure and stress brought about by his divorce from wife Carey Lowell, as a report in the Observer suggest.

Gere, a self-proclaimed Buddhist convert was always able to handle stressful and high pressure situations with a cool head and witty humor but was recently spotted attempting to poke at a reporter with the sharp end of an umbrella – something extremely uncharacteristic of Richard Gere. He would not be able to catch The Jackal if he had to do it all over again.

Gere is upheld in society and often praised for having devoted a huge chuck of his time and life to very noble causes which he was very passionate about such as HIVAIDS awareness, animal rights, and even was an avid environmentalist. Too bad none of these causes have put back anyone to work. In fact, animal rights people have destroyed jobs and an entire agriculture industry in California and environmentalists are the reason why oil shale has not been developed in New York State and Colorado for instance, leaving thousands of jobs on the table. Gere, perhaps some of this is coming back and biting you.

In recent times, he has gone from being a personification of tranquility to attempting to stab reporters with his umbrella. It has also been reported and speculated that the panic attack was caused due to the fact the actor had sustained lots of pressure dealing with the divorce from his wife of twelve years and finally had a nervous breakdown when the stress levels broke through a certain threshold.

Cindy Crawford – Richard Gere was a great chapter in my life

Incidentally, this is Gere’s second divorce. He was first married to the stunning supermodel Cindy Crawford but the couple split in 1995 and a divorce attorney had cited their exaggerated age difference was the reason for the incompatibility. However, his first divorce was very amicable compared to what he is currently going through. In fact, Cindy had publicly talked very highly of Gere even after the pair separated.

She called him a very clever man whom she had learnt a lot from and would always have a special place in her heart for. Contrastingly, his present wife is demanding a handsome payment of $100 million in spousal support and alimony. This is going to be a case that every divorce expert including Columbus OH divorce attorneys will be closely following.

Gere, being the womanizer he is, was reportedly dating Padma Lakshmi during his divorce proceedings. Lakshmi hosts the popular TV show MasterChef. That is wonderful but if wants to marry again, the best attorneys on the incredible website would tell Gere to sign a prenup next time. One that is ironclad.

Six-year long custodial battle draws to an end, Kelly Rutherford emerges victorious

Actress Kelly Rutherford shot to fame with her role as the mother of protagonist Serena in the extremely popular TV-show Gossip Girl. Little do people know that Rutherford’s drama in real life can be compared to the magnitude of drama in Gossip Girl, as per a report.

Rutherford and her divorce attorney have been at it for 6 whole years and have only recently managed to win the prolonged custody battle. A judge has now ordered that Rutherford’s children be brought back to the United States and returned to their mother. Her two little girls, Hermes and Helena, 8 and 6 years old respectively have been residing with their father Daniel Giersch in Monaco, France since 2012.

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