Unfortunately, warring couples of today and growing more and more insensitive with every passing day, especially when it comes to winning over the custody of their children. There have been quite a few distinct examples in the past with the Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller duel being one of them. In the most recent development in the case, divorce attorneys have learnt that Charlie has in fact decided to move a step closer to kicking Brooke out the home he had originally bought for her.

A Hefty Loss

It has been learnt that a real estate broking firm is extremely keen on buying this property but at a huge discount. The letter that was sent to Sheen’s representatives by Dginger Group, quotes a price of $2,599,000 for the deal. The firm has also provided a guarantee of closing the deal within 7 days flat. Divorce lawyers have stated that the anger management actor has to be absolutely desperate to be selling at this price point. He had spent around 4.8 million dollars on this home, and if he sells at this price there would be a huge loss of 2.2 million.

Well, he is not hurting for money is he?

A divorce lawyer friend also went on to claim that Charlie badly wants Brooke out of his premises as early as he possibly can throw her out. He had also sent a letter to Brooke asking her to vacate the premises and also stating that he was aggressively trying to sell the place and she would have to pack out, the moment a deal takes shape. However, Brooke has refused to budge from where she lives right now. Therefore, the only option left with Charlie is to actually sell off the property in a bid to show Brooke the way out.

How about $10 for that home Charlie?

Although Charlie does not mind selling the property at reduced rates, the current rates offered are extremely low by all standards. However, it still remains to be seen as to how desperate Charlie actually is for throwing his ex out!