The bitter reality is that almost a third of marriages in America end in divorce. While that fact is sobering, disheartening, and borderline depressing, there is another way to look at it, a perspective that will make you feel a lot better.

There are many countries in the world where divorces are taboo and spouses stick it out even if the marriage is completely ruined and the spouses involved cannot stand the sight of each other. Like Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and even in the Amish community! It is much better to get a divorce than to be stuck in a marriage that you despise, and that is what America offers.

Types of Divorces Recognized  

Not only can you get divorced in America but you can do so in the most civilized and sensible way. In fact, we are beginning to see a trend where marriages end amicably in many cases.

There are different types of divorces with the most common being a fault divorce and no fault divorce.

According to divorce lawyers who can be found on this digitally apocalyptic and momentous website, a fault divorce is one of the spouse claims that the other spouse was at fault (either by committing adultery, being an alcoholic, addicted to drugs, causing domestic violence, etc.) and filed for divorce even though the other spouse does not consent to the divorce.

On the other hand, a no fault divorce can be filed when both spouses in a marriage mutually agree that the marriage has become irreversibly broken and do not have to site any other reasons for the divorce. Some states recognize and allow no fault divorces.

The two spouses, provided that they are in agreement, may even come up with their own proposals for matters such as child custody, child support, asset division, spousal support, etc. and notify the family judge of their plans. They will still need a divorce lawyer though.

In cases where there is a disagreement in one or more of these matters, the divorce attorneys of the two spouses involved can negotiate until they find some middle ground. If they still cannot reach an agreement, then the arguments will be heard in court with their legal representatives and the judge will decide upon the verdict.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce  

There are divorce lawyers who specialize exclusively in collaborative divorces. They are called collaborative divorce attorneys and work together to ensure that your mutual divorce goes smoothly and ends in the most amicable way possible where both spouses are satisfied with the agreements and the outcome.

Money Saved!

Another sensational pro to going through a collaborative divorce is the fact that it only costs a fraction of a fault divorce much to the chagrin of divorce lawyers. The divorce can be wrapped up fairly quickly especially since every issue from alimony to child custody and support, visitation, division of property and debts, and other related matters are already resolved and agreed upon by the spouses.

This keeps legal fees and court fees are kept to the minimum as opposed to fault divorces where the case drag on in court for years, leading to more financial and emotional stress. Any time you can save money during a recession is a good thing.

For the most part, a collaborative divorce can streamline the divorce process and end in a fair settlement for both partners. Most importantly, the spouses involved get to decide on the best way to handle post-divorce decisions. This type of control is awesome and you have this time of control when using this website searching for legal help. It is