The most obvious answer to this question is to hire a Texas divorce lawyer. But before you do, we think it is important for you to understand why. If your spouse has expressed to you that they intend on fighting for full custody of your children during the divorce proceedings, there is a good chance they are going to retain legal counsel to help them do this. And going into a divorce case where one party has lawyered up and the other hasn’t is never a good idea as it could put your chances of being awarded custody at risk.

But how?

Typically, when one parent intends on seeking full custody but knows there is not enough evidence to convince the court they should be awarded this, they will have their lawyer help them paint a picture of the other parent that may not be an accurate depiction of who that person is. And depending on what your spouse has dug up on you coupled with the accusations they have made against you, you may find yourself having to prove these allegations are false. As ridiculous as it may sound, there are many spouses who will use custody as a way of getting revenge on their partner who decided to divorce them.

Some other reasons why you should consider hiring a Brownsville, TX divorce attorney when you know a custody battle is about to ensue include:


  • An attorney can help you gather the evidence you might need to prove you are a fit parent who should be awarded joint or full custody. While it may sound simple to do, the reality is, you aren’t sure what you are up against until you arrive in the courtroom—and you need to be certain you have a lawyer who is willing to fight for your parental rights.
  • A divorce lawyer can handle most of the legal matters (i.e. filing paperwork with the court, responding to your spouse’s lawyer, etc.) so that you can focus your attention on work, your children, etc.
  • A Brownsville, TX divorce attorney will not only help you understand your legal rights, but they will be there with you throughout the entire process so that you don’t have to go through it alone.


Now, if you’re ready to speak with a Brownsville, TX divorce lawyer regarding child custody and learn more about how an attorney can help you, contact the Law Offices of Gary A. Ortega, P.C. today.


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