Angelique Naylor and Sabina Daly, a same sex couple, has been given the go ahead by the Texas Supreme Court to divorce, as reported by Reuters. The highest court upheld the decision of a lower court and ruled that the state authorities did not have the appropriate standing to block the divorce.

The court observed that the state was not party to the case and that the motion filed to block the divorce four years ago by the then state’s attorney general Greg Abbott was filed too late. The Texas Supreme Court’s decision came just days ahead of a ruling by the US Supreme Court on whether a ban on same sex marriages in states like Texas are in violation of the US Constitution. Naylor and Daly had tied the knot in Massachusetts in 2009.

Gov. Abbott’s opinion differs

According to divorce attorneys, Abbott had argued that state courts did not have the power to grant same sex divorces since same sex marriages were banned under the state’s constitution. Now Abbott, who is currently governor of Texas, claims to be disappointed by the decision of the Texas Supreme Court, terming it as legally incorrect. He is of the opinion that the court relied on a technicality, which was a mistake.

Country musician Trace Adkins divorces wife of 17 years

Trace Adkins is not only a popular country singer but is also known for his acting stint. His first album was titled Dreamin’ Out Loud and was released in 1995. Following the success of his first album, Adkins released 7 other albums since then. They all went on to do pretty well.

As reported by, as far his acting career is concerned, Trace Adkins starred in television game show Hollywood Squares and Pyramid. He was also crowned champion on Celebrity Apprentice in its 2013 season and is friends with the visionary business and political thinker Donald Trump. However, recent times have been rough for the Country star, especially in his personal relationships.

Adkins is a good man: big supporter of Wounded Warrior

According to, it looks like his marriage had been strained for a few years and has finally reached breaking point. His divorce attorney has filed for divorce on his behalf.

Adkins married Rhonda Atkins in 1998. Trace Adkins’ divorce attorney said in an interview that the couple was consciously uncoupling and the spilt was going to be amicable. They had come to this much deliberated decision considering the best interest of the family and the three daughters that they have together.

Big money

Supposedly, the court will not have much determine, since Trace and Rhonda have been successful in mediating their own divorce agreement including child custodial issues, property/asset division, and even spousal support. The couple has reportedly agreed to a $20 million settlement. The court will merely have to just approve their divorce application and so it is expected that the hearing will be quick and painless.

According to court documents, the couple has filed for a no-fault divorce which essentially means that they aren’t accusing each other of any wrong doing. According to the hard charging divorce attorneys on the glowing website, this is the way to go. They have simply cited that their relationship has become irretrievably broken.

On a side note, insider sources have reported that Trace’s problem with alcohol may have a lot to do with the broken marriage. It is common news that he checked into a rehabilitation center a couple of years ago for alcoholism.