A San Antonio, Texas man is facing jail time among other penalties for shooting and killing his child’s stepfather. KSAT says that is was around 9:15 p.m. on July 6th when the child’s mother and her husband came to the 1800 block of Rogers Avenue, not far from Interstate 35 and North Walters Street to pick up her child from his father, Alejandro Vargas, 35. After arriving at Vargas’ home, a verbal altercation broke out between the two men which caused the child’s stepfather, Andres Vega, to get out of his vehicle.

Moments later, the altercation escalated, and Vargas allegedly shot his handgun at Vega multiple times. The news source, Vega was shot several times in the upper chest and was pronounced dead at the scene. Vargas was then taken into police custody and his bond has been set at $250,000. Authorities have charged the 35-year-old with murder.

Custody exchanges can sometimes be difficult if the separated parents’ relationship ended on bad terms or if both parties find it difficult to be at the same place at the same time without a conflict arising. The situation is sometimes only made worse when another person such as a stepparent is included in the picture. If you are a parent in Brownsville, TX that is worried that the custody exchange between you and your child’s other parent is a ticking time bomb and would like to modify how you pick up and drop off your child with the court, contact the Texas family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Gary A. Ortega, P.C. for information on how you can do this.


Tips to Help Make Your Custody Exchange Run Smoother


If you and your child’s other parent struggle to get along, there are different ways to make the custody exchange run smoother and reduce the chances of an argument breaking out. For instance, you might choose a public place rather than your home to meet up with your child’s other parent. Some examples of public places might include the library, the police station, or even a busy shopping center. If you are truly worried about meeting up with your child’s other parent alone, you might also consider getting a third party involved.

When choosing a third party, you are going to want to select someone who has a neutral position on the matter. This could be a police officer, co-worker, or even child services. In the event you have a child custody question and would like to discuss it now with an experienced Brownsville, TX child custody lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Gary A. Ortega, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation.


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