Dallas, TX- In child custody matters, many believe Texas divorce laws are unfair to men and think the law should change. A recent bill aimed at changing how custody is awarded recently failed in the Texas Legislature but that won’t stop advocates from continuing their push for changes in how child custody is awarded.

Rally for Equal Parenting During Divorce

Dozens of men and women gathered at the Texas Capitol just two days before Father’s Day to protest the state’s divorce laws which give child custody preference to mothers. KVUE reports that over 40 people, mostly men, showed up to push for equal parenting laws despite the failure of House Bill 453.

House Bill 453 would award equal custody while the family court is deciding a couple’s case. Under current laws, the family court awards primary custody to the mother until custody issues are settled. Rally attendees say the current law is unfair and deprives them of the chance to spend more time with their child and children.

The rally was organized by Texans for Parental Equality and Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA and included numerous speakers extolling the benefits of equal parenting. Some parents also gave their personal accounts of their dealings with the family courts.

Benefits of Equal Parenting

Child psychologists agree that children are better off emotionally and physically when they spend equal time with each parent. The quality of a child’s relationship with a parent is essential to their well-being and is a factor family courts consider, but child development experts agree that quantity of time matters as well, especially for children over the age of one, according to Psychology Today.

When appropriate, family courts prefer to the idea of equal parenting, but during a divorce, the law gives the mother preferential treatment and fathers are only given visitation. Supporters of House Bill 453 don’t think fathers should be limited to a visitation schedule and should granted as much time with their children as mothers.

Parenting Plans for Divorcing Couples

A child custody case can drag through family courts for months perhaps even years. In the meantime, parents still have the issue of child custody that needs to be addressed through a parenting plan. A parenting plan outlines each parent’s responsibilities, visitation schedules, and other child custody issues. A parenting plan can be used as a guideline for a child custody arrangement if each parent agrees to the terms.

Speak with a Divorce Lawyer in Texas

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