Dallas, TX- Some divorces go smoothly, but most are fraught with issues that turn the proceedings ugly. Child support tends to be the one of the most contentious issues a divorcing couple has to deal with, so our team of divorce lawyers in Texas would like to discuss the two of most common myths about child support.

Most parents don’t pay child support. All then talk about deadbeat dads gives the impression that most men (and women) don’t pay child support as ordered by the court, but that isn’t the case. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 73 percent of parents in the U.S. pay child support as directed by the family court and 11 percent make sporadic child support payments. Only 15 percent of parents refuse to make child support payments at all, data from the CDC shows.

If your estranged spouse is not paying child support or refuses to pay, USAttorneys can help you find a divorce lawyer near you in Dallas, Texas. There are avenues you can explore to get the child support your children need. Our team of lawyers understand the steps that need to be taken to ensure your ex-spouse meets their parental obligations.

Another common misconception about child support is that it is a one-time, monthly payment like rent or a phone bill. That is often the case, but there is a prevailing myth that the monthly child support payment is the end of a parent’s financial obligations. There are many situations in which a parent needs to come up with additional funds to support their child or children. Medical emergencies are an example of one of those situations in which a person may be asked to pay more than their child support arrangement requires.

Texas courts generally use a formula that considers the gross income of both parents, the health insurance and medical expenses for each child, the amount of support needed for necessary. When determining child support, courts also consider things like tuition for school and travel expenses.  Both parents whether they have primary custody or not should plan for unexpected expenses.

If you are a parent, and you are getting a divorce, you should speak with a divorce lawyer in Texas and set up a time to discuss your case. USAttorneys’ team of family attorneys will fight to ensure your child or children get the amount of child support that ensures their standard of living is maintained.

Regardless of the perceived difficulty of your divorce, you need to have divorce lawyer in Texas working on your case and standing up for your rights. Speak with one our divorce attorneys today and get the advice you need to make a wise decision about your how to proceed with your divorce and child custody policy.

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