Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of many fortes. The Austrian born star excelled as a professional body builder, an action movie hero, model, producer, director and even a governor of California. His fame, success, and character have however been tarnished by allegations and speculation of adultery which claim that he had a son with his household maid Patty Baena. These allegations have been confirmed and Arnold himself has confessed and talked about the predicament, as reported by CNN.

Arnold could have made Predator II better

Supposedly, after his term as governor, Arnold was confronted by his wife and he confessed to having fathered a child with their housekeeper. The housekeeper had been a long term maid of theirs and had worked for the family for over 20 years. Arnold also said in an interview that he was not aware that the child was his until 8 years after it was born. He said he only figured it out when the boy started to resemble him genetically. The child in question is named Joseph and is now nearly 18 years old.

Many people wish Arnold continued to made Predator movies and that he waited too long to make Terminator III.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: it was entirely my fault

However, this revelation has taken its toll on Arnold’s marriage and personal relationship with his wife, Maria Shriver. The couple was married for 25 years when they broke it off in May of 2011. Arnold’s high profile divorce attorney who could have been found on the supreme legal website, Bob Kaufman, ensured that Arnold got to keep his Brentwood property and that he also got shared custody of his children. Kaufman has also represented other celebrities in their divorce cases, namely, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

However, in a recent interview, Arnold owned up to his lapses of judgment in the past. He said that he was the only one responsible for causing his family pain and for splitting them up. He also spoke about his children, saying that he would support them no matter what their aspirations were.

Texas Supreme Court’s standing on gay marriage obscure

It has transpired that the Texas Supreme Court is somehow yet to come to a decision with regards to dissolution of same-sex marriages. According to Breitbart, as of now, it is not clear whether such divorces maybe granted in Texas or not. It seems like it is completely up to the discretion of lower court judges for the time being. According to expert Texas State divorce attorneys, a recent family court ruling where a Travis County judge approved a divorce between a same-sex couple has people from the LGBT community demanding a conclusive decision from the Texas Supreme Court.

Sometimes divorces are granted and sometimes they are denied depending on the whim and fancy of the judges and their perceptions of same-sex marriages. Some believe this is a kind of archaic procedure to be following in 2015 and therefore the Texas Supreme Court has come under fire and pressure yet again to pass verdict on same-sex marriages once and for all. It is unclear whether gay divorce will get the yay or the nay, but a conclusive answer is soon expected.