Chattanooga, TN- A Tennessee judge has released the divorce transcripts from Republican Representative Scott DeJarlais , forcing the freshman lawmaker to answer tough questions just one day from the election.

DeJarlais, who is pro-life, came under fire after a former mistress came forward and said he asked her to abort the child he fathered while they were having an affair. Her testimony was included in the transcripts for the lawmaker’s 2001 divorce. 

The Tennessee Democratic Party, which asked the court to unseal the documents, believes he had more than one affair and wants to make the public aware of his professional and personal misconduct before they head to the polls Tuesday, according to the Tennessean.

“We think the voters in the congressional district need to know what sort of person they’re voting for,” said Gerard Starnch, the attorney representing the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Circuit Court Judge Jacqueline Bolton is reviewing the transcripts, which may be released to the public today. However, the judge will not release the documents pertaining to his child custody arrangement.

The public was shocked when the woman in question released a taped phone conversation in which he encouraged her to have an abortion to hide the affair, even though he has been vehemently anti-abortion. DeJarlais claims that he used strong language so that she would admit she was not pregnant.

He also said he and estranged wife had agreed to date other people while they were going through a divorce. This demonstrates the risks of dating in the midst of a divorce.

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