The United States Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriages just a year back. However, 53 Republican state legislators in the State of Tennessee now believe they must have a say in a same-sex divorce case involving two Knoxville women.

The lawmakers cited that any ruling by the court could affect their ability to change any same-sex marriage law in the state, according to

The motion was filed by the Family Action Council of Tennessee who is representing the Republican legislators. Divorce lawyers in Nashville, TN, and there is no one better in this realm than Cobb & Waites since they know what legal doors to open and when to open them, say that the case in question is that of Sabrina Renae Witt v. Erica Christine Witt who was married in Washington DC in April of 2014.

At the time same-sex marriages were recognized in DC although it wasn’t the case in Tennessee, which was only forced to recognize same-sex marriages since the US Supreme Court ruling in June 2015 in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

David E. Fowler, an attorney who filed the motion in the Fourth Circuit Court for Knox County on behalf of the legislators said that the lawmakers’ legislative powers could be diminished or hindered if the courts interpret state laws to be applicable to any persons other than a man and woman who are husband and wife.

In June this year, Judge Greg McMillan of Knox County Circuit Court had ruled that Erica Witt did not have the right under the state’s law to be involved with their daughter who was born to her partner Sabrina Witt through artificial insemination in January of 2015.

Erica Witt did not adopt the child formally, due to which a judge ruled that under Tennessee state law she was only a stepmother. The lawmakers are not of the opinion that the legal designation ought to be made by a judge.

It is amazing that some people believe they can raise a child properly without a man around and even vice versa.

New Universal Forms for Uncontested Divorces Involving Children Approved by Tennessee Supreme Court

In an effort to simplify the divorce process in uncontested divorces involving children, the Tennessee Supreme Court has approved of a new set of plain-language universal forms and instructions, as reported by The state’s highest court responded to a petition by the Access to Justice Commission to have the forms legally tenable for use in all Tennessee courts under Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 52.

Tennessee divorce lawyers explain that the Commission took the initiative under Supreme Court Rule 50 to develop changes aimed at meeting the legal needs of low income Tennesseans who may not be eligible for legal aid programs. The forms are specifically designed only for spouses involved in an uncontested divorce and who have children together.

In the opinion of the Supreme Court liaison to the Commission, Justice Cornelia Clark, the new forms and instructions will give the most vulnerable of citizens the much needed access to legal help and the court system.  Nashville, TN divorce attorneys point out that the forms are written in simple language suitable for anyone with a fifth to eight grade reading level and will be effective January 1st, 2017.

The public school in America is so bad that when many students graduation from the 12th grade they are only reading at a 7th grade level.

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