Actress, comedian, and model Tasha Smith has appeared in several movies and TV shows, her most popular appearance arguably was as Angela Williams in the Tyler Perry films why did I get married?, why did I get married too?, and the television series For Better or for Worse.

Unfortunately for Smith the titles of her TV shows also seem to fit her real life. The newly born Christian had married her boyfriend of one year Keith Douglas in 2010. Sadly, their marriage seems to have fallen apart in recent times. The actress has been ordered to pay her former husband and manager $7,000 every month in spousal support. This is in addition to the $50,000 she was forced to pay him in December. Parties involved and their divorce attorneys have refrained from making any statements.

Did they know each other that well before they tied the knot?

The settlement marks the end of a very unstable relationship. Both spouses had filed restraining orders against each other claiming that they feared for their lives.

The relationship really hit a rough patch when Douglas had accused Smith of cheating and Smith claimed she felt threatened by her husband’s behavior.

Basketball player Stephen Jackson settles messy divorce

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson is currently a free agent. The 36 year-old basketball player has finally settled a messy divorce after 4 years of marriage with his wife Renata Jackson who starred in Vh1’s reality TV series Basketball Wives.

Renata Jackson filed for divorce last July 18th in Georgia but things took a turn for the worse when she claimed that her husband had sold her Bentley without her knowledge. She even filed complaints ordering him to be jailed.

Stephen Jackson had initially retaliated that he had done nothing wrong and had asked for the case to be dismissed as him and Renata had reconciled since her filing for divorce.

Eventually, the former NBA player changed his mind and the couple have reached a settlement. Details of which are confidential.

New legislation pushing for shared parenting gains considerable backing

Boston-based group National Parents Organization and other similar groups have openly expressed their support behind legislation that requires family court judges to consider “joint custody” in divorce cases, unless a parent is deemed unfit. The proposal comes packaged along with a raft of other proposed changes to custody laws.

The proponents believe that the current legislation does not treat both parents equally. It is more of a “winner-takes-all” kind of deal. They claim that courts traditionally tend to grant custody to mothers. They only order the fathers to pay alimony and offer them weekend visiting rights. The 2010 U.S census shows that an estimated 80% of custodial parents are women.

Opponents of the changes include divorce lawyers and domestic violence advocates who claim custody laws should be flexible depending on the specific case, in order to put the children first.

Divorce in Florida?

According to Naples, Florida divorce attorneys, the state accepts both “fault” and “no-fault” divorces. If filing for a “no-fault” divorce, the filing spouse only needs to prove that the marriage has been irretrievably broken and need not cite any other reasons for the separation. However, this does not by any means make it easier to obtain a divorce.

There is always a possibility of one spouse trying to accuse the other of adultery, habitual drinking, and mental incapacitation among other things in order to obtain a larger share in alimony payments or asset division. Even divorces which start off with both partners on the same wave length tend to get ugly at some point during the proceeding.

What you need is a specialized divorce attorney that knows all the tricks in the book spouses can use to try and limit the other’s right to their fair share. Dedicated divorce attorneys will not enable you to walk away without your fair share in property, assets, and custody rights. They will serve as a mediator between you and your spouse to make sure the proceedings run as smoothly as possible.