Local news for the Tampa area reported on a celebrity who raised millions of dollars during a divorce auction.

Well known actor sells items that reminded him of his failed marriage

Famed actor Russel Crowe sold several items from his movies and prior marriage on the date that is his birthday and wedding anniversary to his former spouse. The event was coordinated with Soethby’s Australia, and the actor parted ways with well known movie props and luxury items that were obtained during the course of his nine year marriage to his former spouse. The two of them separately formally back in 2012. Some of the items included his boxing outfit from the movie Cinderella man, a Roman chariot from Gladiator, as well as watches, high end cars, and part of his art collection. Some of his personal items such as cricket jerseys, ice skates, and motorcycles found their way into the sale as well.  

Crowe decided to call the auction “The Art of Divorce” and created a poster with a picture of himself in a tuxedo to highlight his sense of humor regarding the situation. Crowe had two children with his wife Danielle Spencer before they separated.  

Thinking about property division and financial losses

While celebrities can afford to get rid of items from their prior marriage with relative ease, the costs of ending a marriage are very real and divorcing couples can suddenly be hit with financial hardships. Under Florida law, a family court judge can make an “equitable” distribution of property. This gives the court a lot of discretion, and equitable does not necessarily mean equal, which is why it is important to have an attorney who will be an aggressive advocate during this part of a divorce.  

The procedure of property division in Florida

When a court begins the proceeding, they will classify property as either marital or non-marital. Non-marital property can remain with its owner and be kept without being subject to distribution during the divorce, where the marital property needs to go where the court says it should be. Most property that was obtained jointly or during the course of the marriage will be classified as marital. Keep in mind that it does not matter which spouse purchased an item during the course of the marriage, because marital property is still subject to division during a divorce. Even gifts given from one spouse to the other are generally considered marital property when a court is classifying the property.  

Get more help from a local attorney in you area

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