As per a report in The Tampa Tribune, lawyers from Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office skipped an appearance in the 2nd District Court of Appeal in reference to a Tampa same-sex couple’s divorce.

The Attorney General has formally opposed the bid while State Solicitor General Allen Winsor filed an appeal that arguments in the case be postponed until a decision is reached by the US Supreme Court on constitutional challenges on bans on same sex marriages in four other states. Alternatively, Winsor appealed for his office to be excused from appearing in order to avoid utilizing unnecessary resources.

Winsor’s requests were denied, following which he appeared before a three-judge panel. The State Solicitor General spent less than two minutes telling the court that he could only answer questions and had nothing to say. According to Winsor, the answers to the case of the Tampa same-sex couple would come from the US Supreme Court’s decision. The case in question before the 2nd District Court of Appeal is that of Mariama Changamire Shaw and Keiba Lynn Shaw, a Tampa-based couple.

The couple tied the knot in Massachusetts and subsequently had their divorce petition denied by a judge in Hillsborough County, Florida. The judge cited her inability to pass a judgment since she was bound by state law and Constitutional Amendment that banned same-sex marriages from being recognized.

Same sex couples continue to face legal tangles

According to divorce attorneys, the Shaws have had to bear the brunt of an unambiguous and messy landscape where legal standards have been set on a regular basis. The US Supreme Court in Washington is to hear arguments on same-sex marriages. Incidentally, the 2nd District Court of Appeal that is hearing the Tampa same-sex couple’s case granted a divorce hearing to a Lee County same-sex couple three days ago although the case was heard by different judges.

Kloe Kardashian gets Cold Feet When it Comes to Divorce

Some people are just never prepared to untie the knot and the latest to join the club is Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. According to a Times Live report, the star is not ready to part from her ex-husband, basketball player Lamar Odom. For the most part, Odom did not respond to her divorce petition filed in December 2013. According to divorce attorneys, Kardashian did not ask the court for a default or ex-parte judgment, which will potentially result in the case being dismissed since they are not ready to terminate their marriage.

Odom’s strange behavior cut his career short

Reports suggest that the couple have been in touch but have not broached the subject of patching up. Odom claims to have been betrayed while Kardashian is in favor of a grand gesture before any talks of reconciliation. So far, there seems to be no effort on Odom’s part to reciprocate although reports suggest Kardashian still has feelings for the man who ended his basketball career short because of his strange decision making.

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She is also claimed to have said that she did not believe in divorce although there were reasons why a couple may have to call it quits. She also claims that despite her dreams of having kids by the age of 30 she will eventually go through with the divorce.