Local news for the Gulf Coast of Florida reported on services being offered by the ride sharing company Uber to domestic violence victims.

Free ride sharing services were given away to help protect victims of domestic violence

When someone is in an abusive relationship or living with another person who has become violent, they often have limited options to deal with the situation without becoming displaced or having their life completely disrupted. A ride sharing service attempted to help those in this difficult situation by offering free transportation. 

Most of the free service focuses on providing transportation to shelters when someone has expressed a need to temporarily relocate due to their situation. The state of Florida also has a domestic violence hotline for those who are trapped and need assistance relocating. This hotline can connect with drivers who can come to the victim’s location for no cost. 

The Florida Attorney General’s office has reported an increase in domestic violence incidents statewide since the coronavirus pandemic began. Attorney General Ashley Moody said that she does not expect those who are being abused to stay at home because of social distancing guidelines or other virus related restrictions. This can create dangerous situations where victims are trapped with their abusers if they do not take immediate action. Orange, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Miami-Dade counties are the first parts of Florida to take advantage of this service. There are plans to expand free rides into more of the state in the future. 

Learning about divorces and protective orders

People who have become victims of domestic violence should get legal help right away so that they can begin to live in a safe environment. The first step is to get a protective order against the person responsible. Under Florida law, it is fairly easy to get an order granted from a judge as long as there are sufficient facts to show that the victim has a legitimate fear. A lawyer can help expedite this process due to the dangers inherent to the situation.

After the victim is safe, it may be necessary to file for a divorce if a spouse was the one responsible for the abuse. In today’s legal environment, the process for getting a no fault divorce is fairly simple. At least one spouse simply has to say that the marriage has broken down, and they can begin to file formal paperwork in the local family court as long as they meet basic residency requirements to file in the state. 

Speak with a family law lawyer to learn more

There are attorneys in the Tampa area who help people with issues related to domestic violence, divorce, child support and custody, alimony, and all other related legal problems. To schedule an initial meeting, contact:

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