Filing for divorce is never easy, but matters are especially more difficult when you have a young child. What not many people know is that a divorce can affect a child much more than it can affect the adults themselves. Between having to deal with their parents no longer being together to different living and custody arrangements, the dynamics of the home that were previously established has been completely changed.

It is crucial that careful consideration is given to how couples will inform the child about the divorce and to work closely together to make sure the child knows nothing is really changing for them and especially, that the divorce was not their fault. Many children entertain the idea that if they had done something different or not misbehaved that their parents might still be together. As a parent, you should sit down with your child and your spouse and make sure they understand that you both love them and that the dissolution of the marriage has nothing to do with them.

Keeping a positive front is also important for the well-being of the child and will help them adjust to life after the divorce. If your divorce happens to be a messy one, don’t let your children know that. Always make sure the child is away from the conflict so they don’t have any added trauma to deal with. The more the home can stay as close to “normal” as possible, the easier the transition will be for them.

It is also a wise idea to hire a divorce lawyer to make sure the best decisions are made when it comes to child custody arrangements. Divorce lawyers have the child’s best interest in mind, along with yours.