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Ingham County Michigan allows couples to get a no fault divorce

In the United States today, every state allows for a no fault divorce, which means that one or both spouses can give any reason why their marriage is broken to start divorce proceedings. This is more convenient that older divorce laws which…
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What Factors Should Be Considered Before Finalizing a Divorce in Clinton County, MI?

Finding oneself in a scenario where a person is no longer ready to spend the rest of their life with a person whom they had imagined sharing forever with can be a very emotionally distressing situation to be in. Before coming to the final…
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How Are Assets Divided After a Divorce in Eaton County, MI?

A vital step which has to be undertaken after a divorce is the division of the assets. Both individuals need to realize they can’t walk away with 100% of what they owned while they were married. In most cases, the marital property is divided…