Alabama, What is a bigamous marriage?

When a person intentionally enters into a marriage with another individual while he/she has a living spouse, they may be accused of committing bigamy. For example, if a marriage was on the cusp of divorce and one party left and remarried, this…
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New York media highlights the story of a marriage ended through text messages

No fault divorce laws have made it very simple for one spouse to start the divorce process. Because of this, the news will sometimes report on celebrity couples who split in a very impersonal manner. 39 year old actress Chrishell Strause…
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Arizona couples are more likely to argue and divorce while working from home

Spending too much time around a spouse can start to cause married couples to become more distant and resent each other. If these feelings worsen over time and arguments become a regular event, it may be a good idea to seriously consider a divorce.  The…