A Houston judge is on the verge of suspension after Texas judicial authorities requested that the Texas Supreme Court suspend Judge Hilary Green of Harris County. The accusations against her include using illegal drugs, lying about her relationship with convicted con man, and sexting a court employee. Some of those accusations have become public after they were part of divorce filings from Green’s now ex-husband, Ronald Green. Most of the others were from complaints made by a former extramarital lover, Claude Barnes, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The accusations from Barnes are probably the most sordid of them. For instance, during their years long affair, he claims that he purchased prescription drug Tussionex on her behalf on the black market. He also observed her, and participated in, abusing illegal drugs, including ecstasy and marijuana. He also states that she once had a bailiff take drugs from a detainee and hand it directly to her. There were also instances of Green and Barnes hiring prostitutes for three-way sex while Green was staying at hotels for conferences.

Green’s ex-husband, Houston City Controller Ronald Green, alleged in his divorce filings that Judge Green not only had extramarital affairs and was a drug addict, but that she mislead the commission about a relationship she had with Dwayne Jordon, a convicted conman. In 2012, she made several rulings in his favor during an eviction case in which Jordon was involved. Jordon was able to seize control of his uncle’s home in the dispute because of one of Green’s decisions. After some complaints were filed against her, the commission found no wrongdoing after she claimed she did not know Jordon. In fact, she’d had a personal relationship with him for quite some time.

For her part, Green has admitted to being addicted to Tussionex and to having extramarital affairs. However, her lawyer also claims that other allegations are untrue or exaggerations from a bitter ex-lover and ex-husband. She intends to contest the suspension. Many of the allegations had already become public prior to her re-election in 2016. In fact, with allegations of misconduct hanging over her head, she managed to win a contested primary and a general election. Her lawyer is hoping he can contest her removal from the bench because she’s being accused of things that happened before her re-election. Time will tell how it all works out.

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