While it may be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that are left to deal with the aftermath of their divorce, their daughter Suri sure has nothing to complain about.

America’s most well-dressed six-year-old made out like a bandit after her parents called it quits, gaining a pretty sizeable trust fund.

“Katie wanted the trust fund put in place for Suri so that their daughter will be able to tap into after she turns eighteen years old,” said a source close to RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Katie has absolutely no access to the money and didn’t want to. She just wanted to ensure that Suri would have financial security as she becomes an adult. It’s a sizable trust fund, but Suri won’t be able to fully legally claim it until she is in her 30s. Tom had no problem with the request and planned on doing it for Suri anyway.”

While Suri may have gotten a pretty penny, Katie, well, not so much. The couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, which stipulates that Katie will not be getting any of Tom’s millions. But the last thing the former “Dawson’s Creek” starlet needs is a hand out.

Katie’s own clothing line is taking off, along with her acting career, which has started to bloom once again. Plus, she gets primary child custody, so it’s a win-win situation indeed.

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