A woman from Sunset Hills, identified as 57-year old Linda McLaughin, has been missing since around 7 pm Monday evening (8th of June), as reported by Ksdk.com. A missing complaint was lodged with the police the very next morning and a search was initiated, which is officially still on-going.

According to police reports, they have already thoroughly searched close to 40 acres of land owned by the McLaughin family. In fact the police searched this land twice. The second time they had a much bigger man force and even sniffer dogs but still came out empty handed.

The interesting thing here is that the missing woman and her husband were right in the middle of a rather nasty divorce when out of nowhere, Linda McLaughin disappeared. Her husband and his divorce attorney declined to comment about the mysterious disappearance.

Son speaks out

John McLaughin, the son of Linda, has made a public comment about his mother’s disappearance. He said that the hostility between his parents was blown out of proportion for the sake of the divorce and that in reality their relationship was never violent and that his dad would never do anything to hurt his mother.

A spokesperson for St. Louis Police County maintained that just because the women was involved in a messy divorce and just because there was potential motive pointing to her husband as a suspect, it did not mean that he was the culprit, there are many other facets and sides to the whole story and the police are not going to leave any leaf unturned to get to the bottom of it.

Several calls to police from woman prior to her going missing

While the search to find missing 57-year old Linda McLaughin continues, it has recently surfaced that there were several phone calls made by her or about her to the St. Louis Police. Among the calls, some were for domestic violence and some were calls made seeking information about divorce laws, as reported by Ksdk.com.

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Virginia woman charged with bigamy, confesses guilt

A woman identified as 28-year old Keyshana Rae Childress has confessed that she married her female partner without first getting divorced from her husband and therefore had committed the crime of bigamy. A family court has sentenced her to two years’ probation, as per ABC News.

The whole thing was unraveled when her estranged 51-year old husband lodged a complaint with the police that Keyshana had taken away their children without his consent.

Divorce laws in Missouri

The legislation surrounding the issue of divorce in the state of Missouri is extensive and only experienced St. Louis MO divorce attorneys are fully aware of all the clauses and sub clauses and how they apply to each case, it is hence pivotal for anyone filing for divorce to consult with a lawyer. However, it is always prudent to know at least some of the basic and most important divorce laws.

For instance, a person is only eligible to file for divorce in the state of Missouri if and only if they or their spouse has been a resident of Missouri for at least a minimum period of 90 days prior to the filing. Another important thing to note about divorce in Missouri is that the state allows both fault or no-fault divorces, essentially, a couple can get divorced simply by both agreeing that the marriage is irretrievably broken.