Jared Fogle has been dealt another blow as his wife has served him with divorce papers and expressed that the reason for her doing so is since Fogle is supposedly set to plead guilty to charges relating to child pornography.

According to reports from mirror.co.uk, Jared and his Indiana divorce lawyer are expected to accept a plea deal with prosecutors. Jared rose to fame throughout the country and was appointed a Subway spokesperson after he lost nearly 250 lbs by switching to a diet comprising of mostly subway sandwiches and adding exercise to his daily routine.

Divorce legislation in Indiana

According to Indiana state law, any sort of legal separation of two married spouses is referred to as dissolution of marriage. Dissolution of marriage is not a very easy thing to do in Indiana in the 21st century. There are certain rules and regulations set out by legislators which will all have to be satisfied before a couple is successfully and legally separated. Furthermore, adding to the complications of divorce, are other issues such as alimony, property division, child support issues etc.

According to Indiana divorce lawyers, to begin with, we need to understand that there is a residency requirement that exists in Indiana. This requirement basically stipulates that at least one of the spouses seeking divorce needs to have lived in Indiana for a minimum period of six months. The second thing is that Indiana is what is known as a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. This stipulates that the filing spouse may seek divorce on either the basis of fault or no fault.

When it comes to fault, things or actions that qualify as fault are adultery, drugalcohol dependency, domestic violence, mental retardation, and so on. However, in a case where both spouses have mutually decided to go their separate ways, they may file for a no fault divorce and just claim that their marriage has become irretrievably broken. The family courts and judges in Indiana are legally obligated to grant divorce certificates on this basis also.

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Indiana – why you need a divorce attorney

The two above mentioned requirements are only basic laws. However, there are numerous legal intricacies involved when it comes to divorce. There are several forms to be filled and other issues to be sorted out. Now, all of this can be over the top for someone who is going through a personally sensitive period in life such as divorce.

This is why it is crucial to appoint a qualified and experienced Indiana divorce lawyer that will not only assist in navigating the spouse through the legal procedures but will also prove to be invaluable as a source of moral support during such tough times.

Furthermore, divorce attorneys are also extremely important in ensuring that their clients are not given the short end of the yard stick in a divorce. Their objective is to help clients get what they rightfully deserve from a divorce, be it child custody, child support, spousal support, or property division.