Phoenix, AZ-Which spouse is most likely to be unhappy in their marriage? The wife or the husband? When it comes to divorce, is it the woman or the man who wants to put a kibosh on their marriage? Those two questions were the focus of a recent survey by the Austin Institute, and the results may be surprising.

The Austin Institute is a group dedicated to researching human relationship, sexuality and family surveyed 15,000 men and women, 4,000 of which are divorced, to determine why they called it quits on their marriage or relationship.

As part of their “Relationships in America” study, researchers found that women expressed more unhappiness and discontent with their relationships than men. When asked if they had thought about leaving their partner within the past year, 20 percent of women said they had, while only 13 percent of men admitted to having the same thought. Researchers pointed out that of the respondents that had thoughts of leaving their spouse, which accounted for 13 percent of participants, none had actually filed for formal separation.

When it comes to filing for divorce, it is the woman more often than the man who wants to end the marriage. According to the survey, 55 percent of women wanted their marriages to end more than their husbands. Only 29 percent of men wanted a divorce more than their wives. Even more surprising is that respondents were aware that the desire to divorce was divided along gender lines; 42 percent of men said their wives wanted their marriage to end more than they did while 20 percent of women said the same of their husbands.

This recent study along with over a hundred other over the past century have shown that women file for divorce more often than men. This is true even though many things about American culture, gender roles, divorce laws and modern marriage have changed. It’s a constant, despite changing variables; women seek out divorce more than men.

So, why do women to leave their husbands? The most common reason women initiate divorce is infidelity with over 37 percent of women citing that is the cause of their marital breakdown. Coming in at second and third is emotionally unavailable husbands and immaturity, respectively. Women, overall, cited more reasons for divorce than men and were more likely to divorce because of emotional or physical abuse, incompatibility and immaturity.

Regardless of who initiates a divorce, and why a marriage ends, a couple, especially ones with children or a great deal of money, typically need the assistance of a divorce attorney. The divorce process can be complex, and adding to that complexity is the wishes and demands of each spouse. Battles over asset division and child custody are typical and can become a hurdle to an expedient divorce.

If you are in thinking about splitting from your spouse, you should contact one of our accomplished divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to outline the steps you need to take and how they will get the best possible outcome from your divorce.