A new study shows that men are more likely to turn to drinking after a divorce than women.

While married, men as a whole do not drink as much as their bachelor counterparts, but the study revealed that an increasing number of men turn to alcohol in their time of need.

Conversely, married women drink more than their single friends and drink less post-divorce.

“Marriage and divorce have different consequences for men’s and women’s alcohol use,” said the study’s author Corinne Reczek to Health Day. “For men, it’s tempered by being married and exacerbated by being divorced.”

In a long-term study, Reczek, an assistant professor in sociology at the University of Cincinnati, and her team analyzed the behavior of 5,305 people in Wisconsin. The team then conducted in-depth interviews with 120 of the participants to determine why their drinking habits had changed.

This isn’t the first study to show a correlation between marital status and alcohol consumption. In 2004, a study conducted by Australian National University suggested that married couples generally drink less than singles. Last year, a study out of the Cardiff University suggested that couples who are happily married engage in healthier eating habits than single or unhappily married persons.

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