The federal government describes someone as poor as anyone who makes under $30,000 annually. Most people know that federal employees are not poor since their pay packages and incentives have increased making Washington DC the richest city in the country as well!

A recent study has revealed that couples that belong to this category are more likely to get divorced when compared to their financial stable counterparts. According to an expert divorce attorney, the study has only proven what him and other experts in the field already knew and had seen firsthand. If you are in need of a stellar divorce attorney, is the site you want to navigate too.

The fact of the matter is that money, or the lack of it rather, is something that causes stress levels to go through the roof. During such trying times, when a couple is worried about how they are going to provide for their children, it is understandable that they will not possess the time, inclination, or resources to work on their relationships which causes a rift in the marriage and leads to countless arguments which eventually causes a divorce.

According to the study reported in the NY Times, in the year 1980, nearly 20% of all couples that got married got divorced, however, that number has fallen to just 11% as of today. This statistic is exclusive for those that are above the poverty line, unfortunately, divorce rates for people that fall under the poor category have not gone down whatsoever.

Lazy men

The study further establishes that in most such cases, men are to blame for the dissolution of the marriage. According to the study report, women are more willing to work harder and try to progress to an upper social class while men are accused of being complacent.

Why you should consider appointing a divorce attorney

Going through a divorce is no laughing matter. Spouses are already under a lot of stress and are worried about their kids, their property, money and assets among other things. If you add the legal complications that come along with divorce to this mixture it develops into a nightmarish conundrum that one person cannot handle by themselves. Hence, it is not only crucial from a legal stand point to consult an experienced divorce attorney, but it is just as important for being able to get life back under control.

Alabama divorce laws

Like all other states in the nation, divorces are governed by an array of laws in Alabama. There are some requirements that need to be satisfied for a divorce applicant to even become eligible to file for a divorce in Alabama. According to Alabama divorce attorneys at least one of spouses must be a resident of the state for a minimum period of 6 months prior to filing for divorce.

Once the aforementioned residency requirement is met, the spouse then needs to make sure that he or she also abides by the established grounds for divorce. Alabama recognizes both fault divorces and no fault divorces. Therefore, when filing for divorce the spouse needs to clearly establish whether he or she is filing a fault or no fault divorce. In case they are filing for a fault divorce then they will need to cite a valid fault, and in case they are filing for a no-fault divorce, it is only possible if both spouses mutually agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken due to some sort of incompatibility.

All of this is just to get the ball rolling. More personal and crucial issues such as property distribution, spousal support, and child custody issues will be dealt with when the divorce hearing begins. These issues are also subject to a wide assortment of laws to determine the verdict and it is best to have an experienced Alabama divorce attorney by your side to help you acquire the maximum out of your divorce.