Las Vegas, NV- There is this hope in our society that if we can recognize what drives married couples to the divorce attorney, we will be able to prevent people from divorcing altogether or at the very least stop many divorces from happening.  The reasons for divorce is an endlessly studied aspect of life, and in yet another study focusing on social media and divorce, researchers found that Facebook does indeed lead to an increase in the divorce rate.

The study which appears the July edition of the journal “Computers and Human Behavior,” found that, even though Facebook and other social media platforms are such a small aspect of a person’s life, they have a demonstrable impact on each state’s divorce rate.

The Wall Street Journal reported that researchers for the study analyzed data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and compared the data with the number of Facebook accounts opened in each of the 43 states included in the survey. And they concluded that with a 20 percent increase the state’s population with a Facebook accounts, the divorce rate increased by 2.2 percent.

Sebastián Valenzuela, co-author of the study told the Wall Street Journal, “We don’t know whether Facebook is causing divorce or divorce is causing the use of Facebook.”

You may ask, why does Facebook affect the divorce rate?

Researchers for the study believe that one possible reason could attributed to how easily social media makes it to connect with other people, including former lovers, spouses and long-lost friends. In the past, developing a relationship outside the marriage was much more difficult, but not so with social media. With Twitter, Facebook and other social media, a potential new flame or lover is just a few key strokes away, and it is much easier to keep communications on social media private out of the prying eyes of a spouse.

A 2013 study in the U.K. found that the way couples communicate via social media can negatively affect a marriage. The more social media sites a couple used to communicate with each other, the more dissatisfied they are with their marriages. For this study researchers concluded that the stress and time it takes to communicate on a variety of platforms can put a strain on relationship.

One of the researchers for that study, Dr. Bernie Hogan of Oxford University explained to the Daily Mail, “Using these media is great in moderation. But more is not necessarily better.” He added, “We need to walk back from the idea that more communication by more media is a good thing. It’s important to be accessible without being overbearing.”

Not only can social media drive a couple to divorce, but it can also provide information that can damage a person in divorce. Many attorneys use the information appearing on When you are aware you marriage is not going to survive, it’s time to consult with a divorce attorney and discuss the process and what can help or hurt you in divorce court.