While many couples struggle to determine child custody arrangements or alimony during divorce proceedings, but not many stop to think about another key factor that plays a major role in divorce – religion.

The role of religion in divorce has never been heavily studied, despite most Americans reporting they have some form of religious faith. However, Elizabeth J. Krumrei and her colleagues decided to dedicate some time  and research to this area and discovered some interesting facts and connections between spiritual beliefs and coping with a divorce.

The scientists tested how varying religious and spiritual beliefs may influence the outcome of a divorce. Just like there are both positive and negative ways to cope with a divorce, religion can be used in productive or destructive ways as well.

Some pros associated with having a spiritual faith while undergoing a divorce include meditative prayer and worship, which will help the individual overcome feelings of anger and pain. However, the cons associated with religious belief in divorcing include viewing the divorce as a punishment from God, creating tension and hindering the individual from healing and moving forward with their life.

After testing 89 recently divorced individuals and obtaining information on their religious beliefs, the study found that those who viewed divorce as a “sacred loss” were more distraught and depressed than those who upheld more positive religious coping strategies.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, it is always important to seek legal help to ensure that a divorce runs as smoothly as possible. No amount of positivity can guarantee that divorce proceedings will end well, but having a top divorce lawyer on you case will exponentially increase your chances of obtaining a fair and swift resolution.

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